Best Most Addictive Android Apps


Addiction can take many forms but in the modern world it is called “apps”. That’s right – with our overabundant daily use of our companion, the smartphone, it is easy let time fly with apps that are designed to be incredible time sinks. Since we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Tumbler and other social media / image editing / content sharing / news informing apps daily, we can’t really say we are addicted to them since they are just – there. However, games are the real time killers and the best game apps out there garner trillions of lost man hours and other important events thanks to their overly addicting design. If casino games are more up your alley, you can check up for Android online casinos, as well as casino reviews. Now, to the list!


1. Super Hexagon

Talk about a simple concept – you are this tiny triangle trying to move from the different shapes and sizes (aka the name of the game) without crashing into the borders. Addicting and upbeat music, superbly easy to get into game play yet very hard to master, Super Hexagon has it all. Not only is this game addicting it is also very hard and frustrating making it easy to understand why people are so charmed with it (and frustrated by it). You can get the game for your gaming pleasure for free at the Google Play Store.

2. Clash of Titans

Now this one is really weird, not because it is a game but because it is built upon the most greedy mobile system imaginable – the pay wall. You ought to remember those TV ads with Kate Upton and Liam Neeson at the Super Ball – that’s how much money and power the developers behind Clash of the Titans garner. As a strategy game Clash of Titans is very simplistic yet entertaining, up to the point where you realize that in order to progress in building your army you need to wait ridiculous amount of time, which can be sped up if you use real currency. Yeah, not falling for that one.

3. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Electronic Arts purchased this very successful mobile franchise and has already moved it into shady territory with some questionable decisions which affect game play. With that being said, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is still a blast to play. Using the good old “tower defense” formula, you will use your plant army to destroy the zombie invaders, wave after wave. With charming graphics, new levels and features to unlock, this game will keep you hooked for hours on end.

4. Candy Crush Saga

There’s something oddly satisfying at seeing your mobile screen light up when you get a consecutive hit when playing Candy Crush Saga. Matching up different types of candy and smashing it all together has never been so satisfying – and addicting at the same time. The simplicity of the game is one thing but the challenge at the later stage, when you feel confident enough to take on the rising difficulty is what makes Candy Crush so damn irresistible. Oh and the graphics are a real treat for your eyes.

5. Trials Extreme 4

Another great entry in the Trials Extreme series, this hard as nails trial and error game has some of the most nerve wracking vs. satisfying ratios of all time. Nothing beats the feeling of successfully navigating through some tough as nails challenge where you struggle to balance your biker on the weird physics engine. It is actually one of the hardest games on the mobile Android market yet also one of the most beautiful and fun to play.


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