The Funniest Apps for Android Devices


Comedy is in no short supply these days thanks to the plethora of sources for funny entertainment including TV, online news outlets, YouTube and more. On the mobile side of things, you can find a lot of apps that specialize in creative content that will make you laugh out loud and startle the people in your immediate vicinity.

A funny app is a broad term however – it can be news/picture/video aggregating resource, a podcast or a game. We have scoured Google’s Play Store in order to find the best apps that offer the funniest content for your attention and we’ve come up with this list of contenders. For all of you, “more serious, gaming types” you can check our list of the best South African online casinos for 2016. Let’s get on with the list, shall we?


Goat Simulator

This gaming extravaganza has taken the PC world by storm for its insane premise and truly imaginative game play. To be honest, this is anything BUT a game since all you do is wrack havoc on the unsuspecting public as a physics bending goat. That’s right – in the mobile version of the Goat Simulator, you play as a goat who has the superpower to have everything stick to it and go around destroy things. It is silly, it is ridiculous and it is crazy fun. The developers update the app with new content regularly so if you are into some weird goat stuff, well, this is the definite goat experience.


One of most popular meme-generating image hosting sites on the planet, 9GAG has its own mobile app which you can use to browse new content daily. Using the premise of user generated content; you will find some truly funny things like pictures, memes, videos, .gifs and comics (including the famous rage comics) for your enjoyment. It is an app that has tons of content on a daily basis and you can submit your own creations as well. With excellent design and constant updates, this is the app that you want to have if laughs are something of a necessity.

Surgeon Simulator

Another super crazy mobile adaptation of an acclaimed PC game. Surgeon Simulator for Android is using the same ridiculous premise of the original – using over sensitive touch controls you will need to perform an operation (or autopsy, depending on how skillful you are) on an unsuspecting patient. It is gory, it is bloody but holy hell is it funny. The graphics are also quite charming for a mobile device and the sound design and music also add up to the hilarity of the entire experience. Just make sure not to eat before playing – it may cause some severe laughter, juggling the patient’s brain around with a chainsaw. 🙂

Food Battle

Are you tired of Angry Birds and other, “kids-friendly” time killers? Then Food Battle is definitely for you. With a premise where self-aware doughnuts have your family hostage, it is up to you to defeat the evil sugary sweets and get your family back! Food Battle has some excellent and addicting game play but what makes it stand out is the music and the witty dialogue that will make you chuckle as you mow down the army of sweets.

The Chive

A tad more serious app than 9GAG, The Chive on Android is all about the community – great jokes, stories, comics and more are introduced regularly and the community jumps on the wagon for either having a laugh or making fun of the original creator. A host of great content is delivered every hour and you can participate by creating your own profile and uploading unique content on your own.


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